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to help be more involved in this issue. and in fact there are so many important initiatives happening in the district even if you narrowed it from 13 priorities down to 6. we just can never really talk indepth about all of the issues in regular pac meetings and so we are starting to have a series of community briefings to meet with the staff to go more in depth about the issues and focusing on more than one issue at a time >> tomorrow is the first time and we are meeting with carla brayant to here about the early education programs and how to better align the pre-k with elementary schools. we invite other kind of partner groups that we work with, to just kind of give an opportunity for other family and education advocate to have indepth discussion about important issues in the district. over the rest of the fall and the winter we are going to have more of these briefings and we
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are going to be meeting to hear about the low plan and the services for english learns and also here about the special education services are changing to be more ininclusive and we will be doing that throughout this year. >> okay. thank you. >> okay any comments? any questions from the board? >> commissioner fewer? >> thank you, president yee. thank you for your report. i wanted to know if you had received copies of the presentation that was at the select committee meeting and also at the curriculum committee meeting on special education and we also looked at, at that time, i think that you were there ruth and we talked about the disproportionality of african americans under the emotionally disturbed diagnosis and also we got some new information from dr. blonco that i think dr.
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crawford would you mind sending the pac the information that we requested at that meeting it is actually fascinating and i think that you will find it interesting also. any of the information that we received, having to do with achievement and the african americans about graduation, also around education and if you would not mind sending a copy to the pac so that since they are interested they will have the most information. >> also if you would not mind sending it to the delegates since the report and it seems like they are very interested in this issue. thank you. >> yes, actually, thank you commissioner fewer. pac members and myself have been at all of these meetings of the two curriculum committee meetings and this select meeting at city hall and that is why the pac actually voted last month that this issue of a-g requirements and addressing the students that are not atrack that is one of our
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priority issues of for this year. and so we have a hard copy of all of the materials and it probably would be helpful if we had them electronically. >> i just wanted to mention that we are going to revisit this at every curriculum committee meeting. so if you have, if the pac has questions that they would like to bring forth and if you discuss things and you want more information or you want a specific aspect of this, being presented on by staff, feel free to e-mail it to me and since i am the chair i am happy to put it on the agenda. >> thank you. >> thanks for your interest. >> okay. thank you, thank you for your report. >> thank you. >> let's move on to item f, public comment and consent items. i don't have anybody signed up
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for this. so, item g. consent calendar? is there a motion and a second on a consent calendar? >> motion. >> second. >> any items withdrawn or who is speaking for the superintendent? deputy mayor? deputy, mayor... >> thank you president lee. >> i respectfully decline. i don't believe that there are any items to correct or withdraw. >> any items removed by the board? >> any items severed by the board for discussion and vote tonight? >> roll call? >> vote, will take place under a section 0. item h? superintendent's proposal. moved and seconded on
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september,... this is 1, 29-sp1, revision to board policy, bp, 1342, uniform complaint procedures. it was moved and seconded on september 25th. and it has already gone through the committee and has forwarded back to the board with a positive recommendation and so a reading by the super indent tent or mr. davis. >> good evening, commissioners, what you have before you, is superintendent's propassal 129-25 sp1, second reading, revision to board policy, 1342, uniform complaint procedures and requested action is that the board of education of san francisco unified school district revise board policy, 1342 entitled uniform complaint procedures to conform with current law and federal program audit findings of april, 2012.
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>> there is no therefore... >> thank you very much. >> okay. there is no public speakers signed up for this. any comments or questions or discussion from the board? >> seeing none, roll call please. >> miss lee? >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss maufus >> yes. >> miss mendoza. >> yes. >> murase? >> aye. miss nor tan, wynns. aye. >> six ayes >> item i, board members proposals held for speakers and cards and action, none tonight. >> and now we are up to
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requests to speak regarding general matters. i believe that there is one speaker. lidia, rayna? >> you have two minutes. >> thank you very much for listening to me. my name is lidia rayna and i am here on behalf of mr. two ng. he has been dealing with the school district and trying to get his son who is a special ed student to be assigned to the school that was referred by his teacher. and he is not at least assigned him to the school in his neighborhood so that he can
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attend with his older siblings. right now he is being bused across town to marina and we are just asking for help. we have talked to many, many administrators in the district and nobody will help us. the family, mr. strong and mrs. strong have been spending a lot of time off of work to come and have meetings. nobody will meet with him, with them, and they will not give them an explanation as to why their son is bused across town when he needs to be at least with his older siblings. >> excuse me. where is the older siblings going? >> geonani? >> the older sibling in geonani? >> is miss... who is... would somebody take care, thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> i appreciate it. >> okay, item, i think that was
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it, for public speakers. item k, advisory... that is it. item k, advisory committee report, appointments to advisory committees by board members. any appointments by board members right now? >> okay. item l. special order of business. i now call the public hearing and adoption tentative agreement and the related public disclosure document between the district and liuna, gardeners and laborers local, 261, is there a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> reading of the recommendations by tamarese.
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>> thank you, president yee. >> this item comes before the board and we ask you to accept the tentative agreement made between the district and our gardeners and laborers as well as the accompanying public disclosure document. i want to thank the bargaining teams for both the district and the gardener's and labors under there courtney's direction, thank you. >> there were no public speaks rs that signed up, any comments by the board? >> roll call, please. >> thank you. >> mis ly. >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss mauf us. >> yes. >> miss mendoza. >> alicia winterstein. >> murase. >> aye. and wynns. >> alicia winterstein. >> aye. >> 18 through 25, we will begin by calling the public hearing
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of sufficiency of textbooks instructional materials for 2012-2013, as required by the education code of section 60119. may i hear a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> the code. >> okay. got you. >> reading the recommendation by sanctos. >> good evening. daisy sanctos, supervisor and we are asking you to approve the resolution regarding the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials as required by education code section 60119. and i will read the therefore, be it result. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district has determined that as of the instructional materials
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hearing held on october 9, 2012, each pupil in the san francisco unified school district has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in math, science, history, and social science and english arts and including the component of an adopted program and be it further resolved that each has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in foreign languages and health classes and that the high schools have science, laboratory equipment, available related to the core science classes. >> no public speakers signed up for this. comments from the board? >> seeing none? roll call please. >> thank you, miss ly. >> yes. >> fewer? >> yes. >> maufus >> yes. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye.
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>> norton, wynns. >> aye. >> item m, discussion of other educational issues done tonight, consent calendar resolutions removed at previous meeting, for second reading and action, none tonight. item 0, consent on calendar moved and seconded under section f. roll call please. >> miss ly. yes. >> and miss fewer. >> yes. >> maufus? >> yes. >> mendoza. >> yes, except on items k2, and k5. >> thank you. dr. morasi? >> alicia winterstein. >> wynns? >> alicia winterstein. >> yee. aye. >> item p, consent calendar and resolutions severed for board discussion and immediate action. there are none tonight. >> q. superintendent proposals none today. board members proposal s first reading there is a proposal in
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support of affirming the san francisco unified school district commitment to eradicating bullying equipping students with anti-bullying tools by murase and student delegates ly and wong. >> is there a motion and a second. >> item so moved. >> second. >> roll call, please. >> ly. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> maufus. >> dr. murasi. >> miss norton and wynns >> aye. >> and yee. >> i want to explain that either we or the board or the super intent ant supports it for the first screening it usually goes for a second reading and it goes to committee and so forth. so in order to have a vote on it tonight, we will suspend the rule and once we suspend the
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rules for that, and we okay it, that means that we are going to air it tonight. so that is what we do. >> so is there a motion to second for this resolution? >> so moved. >> second. >> reading by the commissioner murase or student delegate. >> would i like to read the first whereas and ask the student to read the last three graphs. >> whereas according to the department of education school bullies has become purchase vaiive in this state with two out of every five graders and one through 11th graders have been bullied in the last year, and lgbt students and students of color is prevalent and where it can lead to depression and suicide not only among victims but also bullies and use witnesses to frequent bullying have increased risk of alcohol,
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drug use or depression and anxiety. and of the california state education code states that bullying is prohibited and may be grounds for suspension. whereas all students have the right to be safe in school, be respected and not be harassed. and whereas a usd is committed to providing a strong plan to assess the law that addresses bullying in schools. we are emphasizing restorative practice and an approach to discipline and aims to change the behaviors and opportunities the opportunity for for those who have been bullied and a clear anti-slur policy as well as antidiscrimination policy and a transgender policy in the state for the ongoing effort to save the students for the student, staff families. and i will hand it over to the student delegate. >> whereas we investigate every
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bullying complaint and advises families who feel that their child is being bullied to call or e-mail your child's teacher or principal to describe what is happening and ask for help. remind your child that he or she can walk away from the situation and seek help from the adults at the school. if these measures are not effective, contact the office of family voice at 415-241-6150 or family voice at or call a message safe school line at 415-241-2141 and whereas, the student advisory council to the board of education has been addressing bullying to declare february first as anti-bullying day to wear blue to support a bully free learning environment. be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district on the occasion of
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anti-bullying month reaffirms the commitment to erraticate bullying. and be it further resolved that the student family community support department will distribute lessons, posters, collaborate with our family partners and work with school staff to implement school-wide activities in october as well as in november. which has been identified as violence prevention, sign up for safety month at the san francisco unified school district. >> thank you. >> so i believe that there are two people to sign up for this item. and i want to remind the speakers that when they do make the public statements we keep the names out of their statements regardless if it is a student or employee or other
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people. this is our civilty that we would like to keep at the board of education. so these two speakers that are going to come up, i believe, and sign up lori more and anna sevister. >> >> okay. my name is lori moore, you have all heard from me for weeks with e-mails and calls that you ignored. over an actual bullying situation, so i find it hilarious that you would waste your time trying to pass something when you won't actually do anything. you sent a bunch of kids to see the movie bully, and i am not going to honor your request about not mentioning names because when people tweet publicly it is available to all of us. i am a lawyer, my husband is a lawyer, he is an expert in this issue. so anyone can go on to twitter and hear what these kids have
6:50 pm
said. ... >> i am sorry i requested that you don't use names. >> can you please honor it? >> okay. i mean, that is just more censorship and ignorance. one of the girls twited, dude, know what the principal wants me to watch, the movie bully that is what my field trip is, laughing out loud and her name is madam buns. she has bullied our students and other sfud students. >> so the kids basically are laughing at you guys, because you don't do anything and here is some of their tweets.
6:51 pm
one said, about my daughter she said that the bon fire was boring so... so drown in the ocean, i don't know how you could have heard something i never said so i am sorry that you misunderstood. they say guys, cd my daughter is trying to start... and i need you to tsb. >> then, another kid said, join us to bring cb down because you know the tfbs stick together. and then they said are you getting it now? like lose the yellow life and do it right and choose who you want to mess with. got nothing to say now. my daughter said that you are obviously not going to believe what i say even though it is the truth. good night. >> is that two minutes? >> oh, my god, it was funny because everyone kept on
6:52 pm
saying, cv at the bon fire. lol that... was funny at the bon fire when charlotte was behind us and we were like cb, cb hater ha, ha, ha, that white... >> i bet that they thought, that meant me that they were stupid but little do they know that our minds can defend ourselves unlike a person pail person, cb makes us go to court i will be so... mad and after we are done. >> thank you. >> any comments from the board in regards to this particular resolution? >> thank you, for... >> commissioner fewer? >> thanks. i have a question about student family community support
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department and do they already distribute lessons and posters and those kind of things, are they already doing it? >> that is right. they are planning to do that in october and november. >> okay. so have they done that every year? i mean, is this something new? >> they have done that in the past. and this year, particularly because of the superintendent's initiative with administrators and partnership with the district attorney's office, i think that it is important for the board to reaffirm our commitment against bullying. >> okay. so this does not ask us to do anything other than what we have been doing,; is that correct? >> i think that it is worth reminding the board about our commitment. >> no, i am just asking, so the question is, does it require us to do any more than what we have been doing? >> i don't think so, right? >> no. because if it did, i was going
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to say, i was going to ask, kevin sort of about how we would implement it and are there funds to implement it, but if this is not asking for anything new, that we have been doing, than i just wanted a confirmation on that. >> thank you. >> any other comments? >> commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. so i know that we have already been doing this and there is more that has been coming into play but i am wondering who is going to be implementing the bullying piece of this. and then, in that same regard, if no one has followed up with our speaker, i want somebody to follow up with our speaker with regards to that. >> so can you let me know who is going to be implementing this piece? >> thank you. >> good evening, collisioners
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claudia director, kevin sun available and he is in kenya. and so our department has, for several years, had a a monthly district-wide, one, month of each year, a district-wide anti-bullying campaign led out of school health programs office. and schools have had a variety, and have been given a variety of curriculum ideas about how to do projects with the youth and the poster campaigns and there have been skits and assemblies and we have done a lot of things over the year and that will continue. the new partnership has been with the common sense media and they have done a lot of... and they have amazing curriculum and amazing videos on their website. so we are going to make all of that available to schools along with some directives about what they must do and when they must do it. but, many schools go above and beyond what we require.
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>> student delegate, windy ly. >> unfortunately megan could not be here due to a conflict. but she felt strongly about the resolution and wanted to make sure that her comments were heard tonight and so i will be reading some of her comments. >> bullying among our youth has been a significant problem for many years. and it is steadily growing. it is time for a changes that will hopefully last in to the future generations. more than 56 percent of students have personally felt or witnessed some part, some sort of bullying at school. between 4th and 8th grade and 90 percent of students are victims of bullying. one in four teachers see nothing wrong with bully and will only intervene 14 percent of the time. it happens against the children who are defenseless against it and it is worse when the victim
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does not recognize that he or she is being bullied. students want to end bullying but they feel like they don't have the power to make changes without the help and administrators. with the passing of the resolution i am hopeful that future students will be able to go to school every day and looking forward to learning and seeing their friends and teachers. >> thank you. >> commissioner mauf us? >> thank you. >> and i would appreciate it if the author would not mind adding my name to this resolution, i appreciate that all have come forward in this way. i know that we do quite a bit and we take everything case by case to make certain that individual issues are considered and we do the utmost to do the most to take care of our students and families and in the midst of just what is going on, throughout the
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country, and here, i think, i want to commend you students, and commissioner to really taking a stand which is really where it begins. so thank you, so, so, very much. >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you, president yee, in light of the comments that the student delegate mentioned, i see that this is really directed mainly toward student behavior to other students. but what students delegate wong says is that she has seen that perhaps is what we should be addressing is also adult to student relationships and bullying. so, i think that probably it might be too late to add something to that. but i feel like with student
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delegate wong' comments that that was not reflected in this resolution. this really looks as though it is centering on students' behavior rather than everyone's behavior at a school site. >> general council? >> is it possible to add some language to this without having it to go through another reading? >> oh, sure. >> can commissioner, fewer, can you... you don't have to give the exact language, but your intent is what? >> yeah. i think that perhaps student delegate windy ly would like to help me with the phrasing of this that it might reflect what your fellow student delegate's comments are. can you make suggestions? >> as a student, even walking ou

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